How Does Tony Know?
Most of what I know I learned through reading and experience. Although at one time I read
fiction, today I read primarily non fiction. I did have a private teacher in the music area to start
but most of what I know about music I got through reading, practice and experience. I worked
in the financial field for a while but passed all the state licensing exams with a program of self
study. I did go to college for engineering but ended up in a field that hardly existed when I was
there, material science and technical ceramics. Everything I know about computers, the Internet
and building websites is completely self taught. I have sought knowledge in many areas just
because I wanted to know. You will notice that quite a few of the books that I am reviewing at
this time deal with religion. It just happens to be an area, where a lot of new knowledge is
coming out and as a seeker I need to examine it. I have no dogmatic beliefs only a desire to
know the truth. I don't accept all that I read or agree with these authors one hundred percent but
I find their works very informative and interesting. Science, religion, philosophy, business, self
improvement, and politics are a few of the areas I've explored. Now I've decided that as I read
books in these many fields of knowledge, I will do a book review. As I am reviewing more
books on science and religion, they will each have their own page. Other books will be on this
page till their are enough in one category to have a separate page.
A child has two friends. At one house they have a swimming pool. At the
other house they have a gun. Which friend would it be safer to let the
child visit. The answer is explained in the chapter titled "What Makes A
Perfect Parent? The child is 100 more likely to die in a swimming pool
accident than in by a gun mishap. This and many other questions are
answered in this unconventional book. In the chapter titled "Where Have
All The Criminals gone?", we find that the conventional wisdoms is
mostly wrong. Who would have thought that Roe v. Wade played a role.
Steven D. Levitt teaches economics at the University of Chicago. But
unlike most economist he analysis data not only to answer economic
questions but also to answer many questions dealing with issues of
today. Some are serious, some are  life and death and some are just
interesting. The answers are often surprising and contrary to what most
people think.  He is interested in many things but the one thing he was
not interested in was writing a book. Levitt met Stephen J. Dubner when
Dubner came to interview him for the New York Times Magazine in the
summer of 2003. Dubner writes for the New York Times and the New
Yorker. He is also a best selling author. They hit it off and Levitt agreed
to write that book if he could collaborate with Dubner. This book very
interesting and thought provoking read. Check it out.
Book Reviews
A Contract With Earth
We read all the gloom and doom books about climate change and how
much, we are going to have to give up. We read how we, political
conservatives, industry and our modern society are the cause of it all.
There is some truth to some this but conservatives were the original
conservationist. We all know who Newt Gingrich is but little about his
real world efforts in conservation. His coauthor Dr. Terry L. Maple is
president and CEO of the Palm Beach Zoo and professor of conservation
and behavior at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a former
president of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and Zoo Atlanta.
Here finally is an intelligent  balanced approach to the problems of global
warming and environmental degradation. The book tells how a balanced
approach involving industry, science,  philanthropy, entrepreneurship and
individual effort is the way to success. It gives real world examples of
success. One is how Costa Rica has use ecotourism to profit from
preserving it's environment. In the entrepreneurial area, we have alternate
sources of energy, energy from trash, recycling, hybrid cars, biodiesel
vehicles, hydrogen powered vehicles and many others. This is a well
referenced book with lot's of suggestions for additional study.
Secrets Of The Millionaire Inside
The credibility of this book is enhanced because the author Paul
McCormick has actually done it. He worked with millionaires and learned
how they think. .He became the owner of a muliti-million dollar company
at the age of 27. Realizing that he didn’t need to be burdened down by a
company to be rich, he cashed out and became more successful than
ever. Most of all, this success came from the real business world, not
promoting self help books. In his book “The Secrets of the Millionaire
Inside” he gives you a seven step formula for doing what he did. I feel
that this book offers some new insights in how to become wealthy. Paul
divides people into two groups, the very rich and everybody else. The
reason it's called the millionaire inside is because you have to change the
way you think. You have to think like the very rich think. The first two
steps show you that you have to think differently about money. You
learn that you have to stop loving money and instead value what very
rich value. You have to learn that money is an idea not a object. The next
three steps have concepts like vision, goals and belief  This is similar to
what you find in many success books. Goal six is really unique and the
one you really have to understand. It is "Exchange Value On a large
Scale". If you are doing what you love and are moderately successful at
it, successfully applying step can make you wealthy. Step seven is
obvious, take action. I've tried to give you a glimpse of what the book is
about without revealing everything. You need to learn from the author.
The Physics of Miracles
When I saw the title of this book "The Physics of Miracles: Tapping into
the Field of Consciousness Potential " I was intrigued. When I read it I
was quite surprised at what it was actually about. It's about miracles and
the possible scientific basis for them. It's author Richard Bartlett, DC,
ND has chiropratic and naturopathy degrees from Bastyr University. As a
chiropractor, he discovered that he had the power to heal and could do it
with just a light touch. He believes that this power doesn't come from
him but from some universal force. He believes that everyone has the
potential to tap into this power. He teaches it in his books and seminars.
He calls it the Matrix. He is the author of two other books on this
subject, "Matrix Energetics" and the "Matrix Energetics Experience". He
documents many examples of healing and other types of miracles. I have
had some experience with natural healers but this is the first time I've
seen it related to science. As we progress in modern science things
become stranger and stranger and it is in these areas that Richard Bartlett
finds the scientific basis for matrix energetics. While his book doesn't put
a strong emphasis on religion or Christianity, he does suggest that Jesus
could performed miracles by being able to tap into the matrix or universal
force. He feels that all of us could learn to perform these miracles to a
greater or lessor degree.