Rhythm Guitar
The guitar plays a major role as a back up rhythm instruments. There are many singers who only know how to
play chords for backing up their singing. They depend on other members of the band for the instrumental
breaks that fill in between the vocals. It's very easy to play the bass chord style on guitar. Below is music with
the piano lead with the bass chord accompaniment shown in rhythm tabulature. The vertical lines above the tab
notes represent the quarter beat timing of the rhythm. Listen to the bass note sound sample with piano melody.
Learn to play the bass chord accompaniment. Notice the bass note runs from G7 to C and C back to G. Sing to
it or play it behind one of the lead solos sound samples. Of course you can also practice just strumming.
Bass  Chord Guitar Rhythm With Piano Lead
Careless Love with guitar bass chord accompaniment in tab
Rhythm In Tab And Music
Below in guitar music and guitar tablature, we have the same bass chord accompaniment that we've just
discussed. The music if it were for piano would be written an octave lower on the bass clef. Guitar music could
be written on the bass and treble clef just like piano. But it never is and we have to go along with what everyone
else does. Guitar music is written one octave higher than it sounds to put it all in the treble clef. That means our
bass chord music is written right on top of where our piano melody is written but it sounds an octave lower.
Bass  Chord Guitar Rhythm Without Melody
Careless Love with guitar bass chord accompaniment in music and tab
Low Melody
The song "Careless Love" does not arrange easily on the guitar as a stand alone melody solo. Below is a guitar
arrangement with tablature. It is in first position, First position is open strings and the first three frets of the
guitar. Listen to the sound sample for this arrangement. Notice how it sounds one octave lower than piano
would sound even though it is written with the notes in exactly the same place on the treble clef staff as the
piano notes. Look at the music for the bass chord solo and this music. The melody is in the same octave as the
 chord accompaniment instead of being an octave higher like it is on the piano. By the way if you were to play
this as piano music, it would sound an octave higher. Try playing it as both piano and guitar music to truly
understand that though written in the same place they are in different octaves. This is nice lesson in easy
guitar. It's the kind of stuff they give you in a lot of guitar methods. Learn to play it as a skill builder and
stepping stone. But this is not where real guitar players play melody. You would like to see your melody at least
one octave higher than your accompaniment In the next section to you will learn how to play melody on the
guitar in the right octave.
First Position Guitar Lead
Careless Love easy melody first position for guitar in music and tab
High Melody
Below is the an arrangement on the strings 1 and 2 of the guitar for the song "Careless Love. This
arrangement will sound in the same octave as our piano lead. Since guitar music is  written an octave higher
than the piano music, most of it is written on ledger lines above the staff. This is why learning to play guitar by
reading leads to failure. Reading on ledger lines is hard. Go look at some standard guitar method books. You
usually don't get into reading on ledger lines and playing up the neck until a book six or seven. That's after a
good three to four years of lesson before you can start playing where real guitar players play. No wonders so
many quit. We will begin to learn how to play up the neck right away starting with the first two strings and adding
the other strings in the very near future. In this arrangement concentrate on sliding your first finger up and
down the neck to the correct note. Your guitar should have markers at the 5th, 7th, 9th and 12th fret to guide
you. The second string note will be open, played with the 2nd finger or played with the third finger, except in
measure 11. Here we flatten the first finger to hold done both the 1st and 2nd strings at the same time. Holding
down more than one string with one finger is called a bar. It is a common guitar technique. In measures 6 and
12 we use a technique where we hold the form and use the pinkie to grab the higher note. I've added in some
fill on some of the D7 measures so it sounds good if you are playing by yourself. Listen to the sound sample.
Play the song. Even if you can't play it good right away it will teach you a lot. And if you do get it up to speed
great. You are playing some real guitar.
Two String  Guitar Lead.
Careless Love two string guitar lead up the neck in music and tab
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Careless Love Guitar Music
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