The Music Examples
This page contains all the music for the Careless Love examples that were discussed on the Piano page. There is
additional discussion to teach you how to play the examples. I have included the related sound example below each
music example. Scroll down the page to see all the examples.
Playing The Melody
Playing the single note melody for "Careless Love" requires that you move your hand to different positions on the key
board for different parts of the song. Remember the thumb is 1 and each successive finger gets the next number till you
get to the pinkie as 5. For the first phrase you start with the pinkie or finger 5 on the b above middle c. Remember the f is
sharp so you play the black key above f not the white f key. All the fingers and notes you use are right next to each other
except for d. For the d you have to skip e and  stretch your thumb down to d. For the next phrase, starting in measure five,
you begin with your index or 2 finger on b. This phrase is straight forward. All the notes and fingers match up with no
stretches.  The next phrase, starting at measure nine is interesting. You just move your hand a little bit to start with your
thumb or finger 1 on b. Then you go up one note and one finger at a time. Because you are playing both a d and an
accidental d sharp, finger five ends up on e. It's e with 5, c with 2, stretch 1 to g then a with 2. The note a at the end of
measure twelve actually starts the next phrase in measure thirteen. This is called a pickup note. In measure thirteen you
have to bring the pinkie, finger 5 to the b and finish with the same fingering that you played in the beginning. The problem
is you have to do it quickly and smoothly right after the pickup note with very little time for the change in hand position.
Careless Love lead sheet in G
Careless Love Lead
The Chord Examples
There are five chord examples. They all have the melody in the music and in the sound samples except for the last
example. The melody is included to help you see and hear how it goes with the different chord backups. The example
"Piano Chords 1"  which starts with the tonic chord in the root position, is okay until you get to the G7 chord. The G7 chord
in root position requires quite a stretch. If you want to use a G7 leading into the C you are better off with  "Piano Chords 2"
which has the G and G7 inverted. As all the other chords are easy to finger in this second example, I would suggest
focusing your practice on it. "Piano Chords 3" just shows you how you could double up some of the chords to eight notes
to make it more interesting. Look at the music as you listen to the sound samples. Try playing "Piano Chords 2" while
you sing the melody and to the lead melody sound sample. Scroll down for discussion of the last two chord examples.
Careless Love with piano chords example one
Careless Love Chords Ex 1
Careless Love with piano chords example two
Careless Love Chords Ex 2
Careless Love with piano chords eight note rhythms
Careless Love Chords Ex 3
Playing Bass Chord
Playing a bass chord arrangement, like the one below, requires that you know the notes in the chord. The easiest bass
to use would be to just use the root or 1 note. The next step is to use the root and 5 note or fifth, which we are doing here.
Lets look at the G chord. The 1-3-5 or root-third-fifth are g-b-d. We play g bass on beat one, g-b for the chord on beat two,
d bass on beat three and g-b for the chord on beat four.  For a major chord the root and third are enough to define it so for
G we only need g-b and for c we only need c-e. For a 7th chord you need third and seventh so we have f sharp-c for D7
and b-f natural for G7. For the D7 basses, we play the fifth first and then the root so that the bass will change as we go
from G to D7 and back again. When I went from C to G I didn't reverse the bass which means the g bass was played
twice in a row. It could have been reversed. I do reverse it in the next example.  One thing that will make this a little hard to
play is that you have to move your left hand down, out of position, to get the low bass notes and move it up for the chords
and high bass notes. At least you can get the chord and high bass note in one position.
Careless Love with piano chords bass chord style
Careless Love Bass Chord
Playing The Accompaniment
When you are backing up singing you don't need your right hand for melody so you can use it to play chords. In this
accompaniment style, we will be playing all the bases with the left hand and the chords with the right hand. The chords
have three notes so I use the 1-3-5 for the major chords but on the seventh chords we use 1-3-7 leaving out the fifth. The
intro has melody notes to get you into the song. I stay with base notes with the left hand on the intro but back up some of
the melody notes with harmony with the right hand. The last measure of the intro is just the D7 chord getting you ready to
start singing on the first beat  of the song on G. You can sing to this like karaoke but you absolutely need to try playing it
on your piano or keyboard while you sing to it. It's not too hard. You can play every bass without changing the position of
your left hand. You can play all the chords without changing the position of your right hand. You do have to change your
right hand around a little on the intro. I've given you the fingerings for the right hand on the intro and chords. The bass is
simply the left hand,five fingers, five notes, with the pinkie on g and the thumb on d. You should be able to figure it out.
We don't use the b with the fourth finger this time but in some future bass lines we will.
Careless Love Accompaniment
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