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Tom Dooley
This sounds like a simple folk song. It's an old song that became popular again in the folk revival of the 50's.
People can sing it and play it simply by hearing it. Yet musically it's a  more complicated then it seems. The
melody is syncopated. Melody is syncopated, when a word comes in on an up beat without any word on the
proceeding down beat. Without going into in detail at this time, it makes the music harder to read. The music
below is a typical vocal piano arrangement. The bottom two staffs are the piano arrangement.  This is only one
of many ways to play the song. A better approach is to learn to work from lead sheets and create your own
arrangements. The top staff with the melody, words and chords is a lead sheet. To learn how to use lead sheets
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Tom Dooley  Arrangememt