finger picking study, Some Folks Do first position
Finger Picking Study, Some Folks Do
Putting It Together
In the free folk guitar lesson 2, "Finger Picking Folk Guitar", you learned how to play
each part of this finger picking study by itself. Now you are going to put it all together.
When you come to this page the study will play automatically. You will need to click on
the player to activate it, if you want to hear it again. The whole study is at the bottom of
the page in musical notation and tab. Practice it until you can sound just like the sound
sample. Go back and practice any individual parts that are giving you trouble. This free  
folk guitar study will give you many of the techniques that you need to learn to play the
finger picking guitar style.
Now Playing
Some Folks Do
This arrangement of "Some Folks Do" is a complete lesson in finger style guitar
picking. I start with single melody notes. Then it's simple bass chord followed by
alternating bass chord. Finally I finish with an advanced syncopated style.
Notice how in the syncopated style, melody notes are shifted from down beats
to up beats. I show you how to play this arrangement in this lesson. As full as
this sounds especially in the syncopated style, it is played solo on a classical or
acoustic guitar. This arrangement is in the key of C, in first position and so
uses open strings. The song will play once. To hear it again, click on the player
below to activate it and then on play.
Making It Your Own
If you were performing the song "Some Folks Do", finger picking style, you would
probably want to sing a verse or two. For backing up your singing play the chords using
any of the finger picking styles that you used to play the finger picking solo. A good
choice might be alternate bass style for one verse and the syncopated style for another.
You should learn to work off the piano lead sheet as it is the most available form that
music comes in. I've put it below in the key of C. Below that are the fret diagrams for the
C chord with the root bass c and the alternate bass g. The root bass for G7 is g and the
alternate bass is d but remember you reverse them to avoid playing g again right after
playing it on the C chord.
c chord fret diagram alternate bass first position
c chord fret diagram first position
G7 chord fret diagram first position
Some Folks Do, piano vocal lead sheet
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