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Some Folks Do In Three Keys
As we go through these free music lessons each song advances both your
knowledge of how music works and your keyboard skills. Our first lesson features
the song "Some Folks Do". It's one of the simplest type of songs. It's a five note,
five finger song based on the first five notes of the major scale. We call it a do, re,  
,me, fa so song. This song is being played in three different musical keys. That
means that the letter names of the notes and their location on a musical staff are
different for each one. And there are more than three times as many musical keys
that the song could have been written in. If you were just reading the music you
would see many different things. Yet, though it sounds higher or lower depending
on the musical key, you can hear that it is the same song with the same melody. If
you understand how music works you see it as one thing. In this free music lesson,
we will learn to play the melody in three musical keys simply by using the correct
fingers in different places on a keyboard. You are hearing the song being played in
the major keys of C, then F, than G and finally finishing back in the key of C. The
song will play once. Use the player below if you would like to hear it again.
Using The Lessons
People that come to these pages through search engines enter on different pages. I would
recommend that to get the full benefit of these free music lessons, you visit every page at
least once. This is a totally new approach to learning music. The focus is on "
How Music
". That page that you miss could be the one that contains the key information, that
you need. These pages are full of music tips and music info that you probably won't find
anywhere else.
Singing Is Natural
Most of us can carry a tune. Carrying a tune means being able to sing the melody and stay
on pitch. We don't want to hit any sour notes. Formal training can make us better. Practice
can make us better. But when it comes to singing most of us feel we can do it without having
to take singing lessons. But we need to be able to do more than carry a tune. We need to
have timing to be able to perform with others. If you can do karaoke you have mastered this
aspect of performing. Karaoke is the accompaniment to the song with the lead singer's voice
removed. It is the same as having your own backup band and backup singers just like
professional performers. This then is the other important aspect of singing. Not only do you
have to stay on pitch but you also have to be able to synchronize your singing with the
karaoke or backup musicians. Most of us can do this with practice.
Becoming A Professional Singer
First, you need  a decent voice. In years pass it had to be very pure. Today a lot rougher
sounding voice is acceptable and with some types of music even desirable.  The other thing
that you do need is range. That is the distance between the lowest and highest note you
can sing. If your vocal range is limited, some songs will have too wide a range for you to
sing. You can increase your range with practice and vocal lessons may help but you will
always be somewhat limited by what you were born with. You can sing on pitch. You can sing
with the backup musicians recorded or live. The sound of your voice is acceptable to the
public taste.
Many music stars have no more than this. What more to you need to
become a professional singer. The answer is luck. Many excellent singers never get the
breaks to become popular. Many popular singers have very little, if any, formal musical
Becoming A Musician
Singers are musician but what I'm talking about here is someone who can play an instrument
as well. They are the singer, songwriters who can back themselves up on keyboards and
guitars. They can also play a lead solo on their instrument, write their own songs and
arrange for their band. I will show you how to build on your natural musical ability to become
a real musician. If you want to get started on the path to becoming a complete musician,
these free music lessons are for you. Music is a vast topic. That is what makes it so
interesting. There is always more to learn. But the great thing is that, you don't have to know
everything to become successful.
Folk, country, blues and rock are all types of music
that use simple forms that anyone can master.
Classical and jazz are much more of a
challenge. In these free music lessons, I will cover the simpler forms. Just as with singing you
need to be able to play with other musicians. For those that don't have other musicians to
play with, there are back up tracks available. These have been called names like jam tracks
or music minus one and are available for all instruments. With the right software you can
create your own. I will be offering some free midi jam tracks in these free lessons.
Choosing Instruments
We are going to focus on musical keyboards and guitars as our main musical instruments
for learning music. We will include other instruments like the electric bass, the harmonica or
blues harp, and drums or percussion. We will start using the musical keyboard because it's
the easiest to learn, easiest to play, the most versatile and relatively inexpensive. No matter
what instrument you end up with as your main instrument, everyone should own a musical
keyboard. There is one more important instrument that we will be using and it's free. You
already own it. It's your voice.
Music Is Easy!
Music Is Easy
Why do some take music lessons for years and never become real musicians, while others
who never took a lesson become real performing musicians and even stars. What is the
secret that make music easy for them. That is because those that succeed learn some tricks
and shortcuts that aren't taught in most conventional music lessons. The key is learning
how music works. That successful self taught musician may not even be able to tell you
why they can perform at a professional level and you can't. They just picked up some things
that work. In these free lessons, I will be revealing to you some of this inside info that makes
music easy.
A four octave keyboard with natural white note keys labled
A Music Key Board
Below is a picture of a music keyboard. It hasn't changed in hundreds of years. It's really an
interface to operate something that actually makes the note like an organ pipe, a piano
string or more often today an electronically produced tone. You can see that on the white
keys, there are only seven different letters and then they repeat. If you play from any c to
any other c, you will hear the familiar do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do. From one c to the other is
called an octave. The octaves sound higher as you go from left to right but the old familiar
major scale melody is the same. I will talk about and you will learn to play these notes in free
music lesson 3 titled,"
Natural Music Tones". The five black keys, within the octave are also
notes. They take their names from the adjacent notes.  I will talk about and you will learn to
play these notes in free music lesson 4 titled, "
Sharps And Flats". The seven white key
notes plus the five black key notes are all the different notes that there are. They repeat
higher or lower in the different octaves but they are the same note. As we go up the
keyboard and up the scale, you will hear the familiar do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do repeated
over and over in higher and higher notes. Then we reverse it to play down the scale. Below
the keyboard picture is player with a sound sample of four octaves of the C major scale, so
that you can hear it.
How Music Works
The first five free music lessons in this series of free music lessons teaches you how music
works. This lesson "Music Is Easy" is the first free music lessons in this series. It along with
Schools Of Music", "Natural Music Tones", "Sharps and Flats" and "Musics Great Secret"
should be studied as a group. These first five free music lessons reveal musics great secret
that is the key to understanding music. I use the piano keyboard with many exercises that
you can play to help you learn these vital music principles. You will also be using the
instrument that all of us have, your voice. You will not need to know how to read music for
these first five lessons. You will learn scales and chords in different keys. You learn to play
songs in different keys. Once you understand how music works , you will find that playing a
song in different keys is not many things. It is basically one thing. Understanding music
greatly simplifies music. Free music lessons 6, 7, 8 and 9 starting with "
Reading Music Is
Easy" introduce you to reading music. These nine lessons are also your first free piano or
keyboard lessons. They should be studied before free piano lessons 1 through 4 starting
with "
Easy Piano". Free piano lessons 1 through 4 teach you how to use a shortcut type of
music that professional musicians use, the lead sheet. Each lessons has songs that
increase your piano or keyboard skills. All the links in this paragraph can also be found on
the navigation bar on the left. This navigation bar is repeated down the page to give you
easy access to all pages.
Some Folks Do In C, F and G
Four Octaves Of C Up And Down
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Learning Through Songs
As we go through these first lessons, each song will advance both your knowledge of how
music works, your singing skills and your keyboard skills. You will learn to sing a song in
terms of the universal major scale note tones, do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do. This is called
solfeggio. You will learn that as you sing in different musical keys, the notes will sound
higher or lower and the letter names of the notes will be different but it will be the same
melody. This is one of the most important things that you will need to learn to understand
how music works. You will also learn how to play the songs in different major keys on a
keyboard or piano continuing to understand them in terms of solfeggio. First you will learn to
play without music, then you will learn to use a simplified form of music the  lead sheet.
Learning With Keyboards
First don't get confused as the word keys is used for two different things. Music is written in
different scales or keys and of course our piano or keyboard has the has keys that press
down to make our notes. These first lessons will begin by just playing the melody of songs
with your right hand. Some songs can be played with your thumb and four fingers on five
adjacent keyboard keys. For some songs, you will need to stretch your hand out and skip
some keyboard keys. For others you will need to shift your hand position. The first song
"Some Folks Do" is a simple do, re, me, fa, so song. It is an example of the first type. We will
be learning to play the melody with just the thumb and fingers of the right hand on adjacent
keyboard keys.  We will learn that just by shifting our hand to a different spot on the
keyboard we can play the song in a different musical key. We are going to play our song in  
the musical keys of C, F and G. Every musical key except C uses one or more black keys. C
is all white keys. For the key of G you use all white keys because it's one black key is not a
note that the song uses. For the key of F the one black key is one of the notes the song
Learning With Singing
We all can sing songs even if we don't know anything about music.  In this lesson you will not
only learn to sing the words to the song but you will also learn to sing the universal solfeggio
notes. You will learn to sing the song in different keys in terms of solfeggio. There is a
valuable music reading skill called sight singing. Trained singers need to be able to do it, as
they use their voice as their instrument. Many musicians who play instruments can read
music for their instruments but can't sight sing. But if you can learn it, it is a very valuable
skill. I will be trying to teach you to do it in these free lessons. It will be part of teaching you
how music works. Even if you never master it completely, you will learn a lot by trying.