Internet Wealth
Getting Wealth
If you weren't born rich, didn't inherited wealth or get handed great second generation
family business, there are only two ways to get money. What most people do is exchange
time for money. They work for it. Then if they learn how money works, they can grow a big
enough pile so that, at some point, they can stop working and live off their investments.
Education is one of the ways to increase the value of your time. Not all education has
equal value. But even if you get a high value education, you are still working for a living. A
brain surgeon only makes money if they are operating on brains. The second way to
make money is to put something in place that generates income. How can we categorize
this. Unlike working for some one and getting paid directly for your time or service, you put
something in place that pays off in the future.  An author writes books. A musician writes
music. These things can earn income long after they have been created. It's called
residual income. Others start a business. It can be a conventional business or something
like multilevel marketing. Some people have gotten wealthy this way but many fail. The
Internet has opened up whole new ways to make money, Some make a little. Some make
a lot. A few become wealthy. A few have put in place systems to generate huge incomes.
You have to work to put things in place but once in place some of these systems can
generate income on auto pilot. The trick is how do you find one that really pays off.  
Selling Stuff
When people think about making money on the Internet selling stuff, they often think
about eBay. There are power sellers on eBay  that make a lot of money but most don't.
You have to build a reputation, so that people trust you. If you and some one with a track
record are selling the same Item, people are going to buy from the person with the
established  reputation. It takes a lot of work to build that reputation. Another things that
make eBay a lot of work are, you have to handle product. You've got inventory to maintain
and shipping. You could drop ship. That's been around even before the Internet. Back
them the game was mail order. But if you're just starting out is there any way that you can
match the prices of the volume sellers. If you want to build an eBay business go ahead.
Read all you can. Get some books and courses by those that have been successful It will
be hard work.
Affiliate Marketing
You could create a website. I've put this one together. All the content is free but I have
affiliate ads and goggle ads. With the affiliate ads, you only make money if some one
clicks through and buys something. With the goggle ads, you make a small amount of
money every time they get clicked on. Sure I make a little money but is the website making
me wealthy. The answer is no. I thought build it and they will come and buy. They are
coming but they aren't buying. Now that I'm working with the top Internet Gurus, I found
out why. People that want free stuff are the wrong kind of traffic. I'm leaving this model in
place while I work on the models that really make money. You need the right kind of traffic.
You need products that pay a high commission.
E Books
One of the best way to make money on the Internet is to market e books. You can create
and market your own but the best way to get started is to market someone else's. They
are all kinds of e books. There are piano courses, guitar courses and lots of courses on
how to make money on the Internet. The Internet wealth building courses can cost
hundreds or sign you up for monthly memberships. But the fact is that there are courses
out there for less than thirty dollars that teach you everything you need to know and give
you your first product besides. No matter how much you spend on a product, you still
need to do the work to put into practice what it teaches you. Some people spend a lot of
money  on one course after another. They are looking for that one magic course that's
going to make it easy. One very successful Internet millionaire tells how he spent over
$50,000 with limited success. He finally realized that he knew what to do, he just had to
put it into practice. I've never spent a lot on courses. Even the very best and most
successful Internet Gurus have reasonably priced offerings. Once you get started, you will
want to invest some of what you make in continuing your education but make sure you
apply and get full value out of any course you buy. Typically, you will be able to market
the courses you buy, as an affiliate. Even if your interest go in different directions, you
should start with a product that teaches you how to do it. My main interest is music but if I
didn't know how to market e books I wouldn't have much success.
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