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This is the main site map for the for all of the site except for
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The free music lesson pages currently has over 25 music free lessons, with more being added. The focus is on
learning the secrets of how music works. It includes free music lessons on playing all styles and types of piano,
keyboards and guitar music. Click on the
Music Site Map  link below, to get access to all these great free music
Free Music Lessons
There are five pages revealing the secrets of how money works. Learning the secrets can be the difference
between living and retiring rich or broke. Below is a link to each page and following the link, a brief description of
what each page contains.

Financial Independence: With life spans what they are today, you are going to need a million or more to retire
comfortably. This may sound impossible, but it is not if you understand how money works. Understanding how
compound interest works and the rule of 72 is the key to building this kind of wealth. This first money page  
"Financial Independence" covers these key concepts.

The Credit Trap: There is nothing more dangerous and more likely to derail you on your journey to financial
independence, than the misuse of credit. The "Credit Trap" page shows you how the rule of 72 works against you,
when you try to pay off those high interest rate credit cards. Pay minimum payments and you can take years to
pay off the card, with the interest exceeding the original debt. This page gives you strategies for avoiding the
credit trap or escaping it, if you've already been caught. As not all debt is bad, it begins to explain some forms of
good debt.

Saving Money: Before you can get the rule of 72 working for you, you have to get some money and save some
money. The "Saving Money" page talks about getting money and strategies for saving some of it. You need to
progress from working for money to putting your money to work for you. It discusses short vs long term savings. It
tells you how to put your money to work to take advantage of the rule of 72. It talks about the difference between
loaning your money or using it to own something. Owning can give you a much better long term result. You need
to understand these concepts to become financially independent. This page talks more about loaning. Saving
your money in banks or buying the many types of bonds available. The next page "Investing" talks about the
concept of owning.

Investing: The "Investing" page briefly introduces you to loaning money to companies through corporate bonds
but it's main focus is on owning a piece of companies through the purchase of company stock. This page covers
stock market basics and principles. You learn about market risk, expenses, tax advantages and some basic
market terms.

Long Term Investing: Investing in the stock market is one of the ways that you can get the high rate of return that
you need to make the rule of 72 work. But isn't that risky? The "Long Term Investing" page tells you how to
minimize risk and maximise return. It talks about diversification through mutual funds and the advantage of a
technique called dollar cost averaging. It talks about mutual fund expenses and the difference between managed
and index funds.
How Money Works
Creating Websites
There are many resources ways to have a presence on the web. One way is to have your own website. You can
even get one for free. There are only a two pages here but they give you a good overview. The links are below
followed by a brief description of each page.

Your Own Website: How do you get a presence on the web? How can you have your own website? This page tells
you how. It talks about your web name or identity, the domain name. It talks about the HTML or hyper text markup
language that your website needs to appear on the web. It talks about that unique navigation feature of the web
the hypertext link. It discusses the different types of editors available from the type where you need to enter all the
HTML to ones that you just enter your content and the program does all the HTML for you.

Essential HTML: This lesson shows you how to build a simple text web page, with a hypertext link. It explains all
the HTML that you will need and gives the complete HTML to produce the page. The page is actually published
and there is a link on this page to get to it so you can see exactly what the HTML produced. That page contains a
hyper text  link to get back to the "Your Own Website" page. What is HTML? What are open tags, closed tags,
meta tags, body tags, title tags and hypertext links? It's all explained here.
Book Reviews
How does Tony know? I devour books. I did read fiction at one time but for many years it's been nonfiction. I read
and study in many different areas. I've read thousands of books. In music I started with a teacher but am mostly
self taught. I obtained licences to sell financial products through self study. I never took a course on computers or
the Internet. The drawback is that you don't get that string of letters after your name like PHD and the title of
doctor of something or other. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate and respect those who have obtained those
degrees. When I worked on the Apollo project, it was a PHD doctor of ceramics, a MIT graduate, that introduced
me to material science. A field of work that I never knew existed became my main field of work in science. My
problem is that I could never settle down to one are area of knowledge. I wanted to know everything about
everything. Even if I decided it would be science, I would have to pick a narrow specialty to get a degree. Now you
can get the benefit of all this as I review some of these books for you. First it will be the books I' reading now and
as I get the time I will go back a look again at some of the many books I've read in the past. I am starting with two
main book categories science and religion. They will each have their own section. Any books that don't fit those
two categories, I will for now put on the main book review page till I get enough to start a new category page. The
links are below with a description of what's on each page.

Book Reviews: I expect to have many categories for the books I review but for those that don't fit into a category
that I've already started, this is where they will be found.

Religious Books: Here we have many books dealing with all aspects of mainly the Christian religion. I define the
role of religion and contrast that with the role of science. All sides of much religious controversy is represented

Science Books: Science is responsible for our modern world. Yet many are ignorant of science. Some religious
people still dispute what science has found. There should be no conflict. Science can only deal with how. Religion
deals with why. We all need to become scientifically literate. The vast field of science will be represented here.