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Using The Lessons
People that come to these pages through search engines enter on different pages. I would
recommend that to get the full benefit of these music lessons, especially if you are a beginner,  
you visit every page at least once. This is a totally new approach to learning music. The focus is
on "
How Music Works". There is a lot of motivating discussion and explanation of why you
need to learn certain things, with the goal of getting you to become a real musician as quickly as
possible. There's a lot of good pieces here but you need the whole picture for maximum success.
This page is the site map for free music lesson pages. As
there are over 25 free music lesson pages and growing, they
needed to have there own site map. To go to the site map for
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Free Music Lesson 1
Now Playing "Some Folks Do
In Three Keys"
Lessons one through five
should be studied as a
group. Together they reveal
music's great secret.
Becoming a singer.
Becoming a musician.
How music works.
Playing keyboards.
Playing without music.
Timing melody.
Playing "Some Folks Do".
Playing in three keys.
Midis for songs.
Learning Music
Free Music Lesson 2
Now Playing "Skip To My Lou
In Three Keys"
Three ways to learn music.
Play by ear.
Play by reading music.
Music theory.
Learn how music works.
Tony's way.
Playing keyboards.
Playing without music.
Playing in three keys.
Playing "Skip To My Lou".
Playing Chords for Songs.
Playing C and G7 chords.
Song Theory.
Midi's for songs.
Timing melody.
Free Music Lesson 3
Now Playing "Simply Natural"
Natural tones on keyboard.
A free midi for all songs and
Major scales.
Key of C major.
Piano Keyboard Technique.
Playing C Major.
Playing A minor natural.
Playing "Simply Natural".
Scales and modes.
Playing up and down the
keyboard, four octaves.
Natural notes on guitar.
Free Music Lesson 4
Now Playing "Key To Key"
Sharps And Flats
1. In Key Signatures
2. As Accidentals
Major Keys And Scales
On Keyboards
Playing C Major, G Major And
F Major
Notes On Fretted Instruments
Sharps And Flats On Guitar
Free Music Lesson 5
Now Playing "Folk Song IN G
And C", "Tom Dooley" Piano
This Lesson Concludes The
Music's Great Secret Study
Musical Spaces And Steps
Major Scale Formula
C Major Steps And Spaces
G Major Steps And Spaces
F Major Steps And Spaces
Folk Song In C And G
Two Chord Songs
Keyboard Chords For C And G
Major Chords
Seventh Chords
Chord Inversions
Midi Examples For Songs
Playing Chords For
Some Folks Do
Skip to My Lou
Tom Dooley
Free Music lesson 6
Reading Music Is Easy
Now Playing "Down In The
Lessons Six through Eight
Teach Reading Music For
Playing Without Reading
Why Read Music?
Learning "Down In The
Valley" Without Music .
Introduction To Music
Piano Arrangement Or Lead
Piano Arrangement And Midi
For "
Tom Dooley".
Lead Sheet For "Tom Dolley".
Lead Sheet For "Down In The
The Teaching Lead Sheet.
Playing Left Hand Chords.
Reading Music Skill Levels.
Reading vs Not Reading.
Music Reading Tips.
Free Music Lesson 7
What's That Note
Now Playing "Triplet Ballad"
Reading Music Continued.
What's That Note?
The Treble Clef.
Ledger Lines.
The Bass Clef.
The Grand Staff.
Learn A Few At A Time.
Key Signatures.
Note Relations.
"Some Folks Do" Lead
Sheets And Solfeggio in C
and G.
Playing Triplets..
The "
Triplet Ballad, Piano"
music page.
Free Music Lesson 8
Timing the Notes
Now Playing "Shuffle Beat
Reading Music Continued
1. Rhythm And Time
2. Whole, Half And Quarter
3. Eight And Sixteenth Notes
4. Extending Notes, Dots And
5. Triplets
6. Syncopation
7. Time Signatures
Some Folks Do
Skip To My Lou
Tom Dolley
1. Analysis Of Songs
2. Lead Sheets
3. Playing Melody And Chords
4. In C, F, And G On The Piano
The Shuffle Beat
The "
Shuffle Beat Blues"
music page
Free Music Lesson 9
Piano Guitar Voice
Now Playing "He's Got The  
Whole World In His Hands"
Piano And Keyboard
The Voice And It's Range
Guitar And Fretted  
Piano And Guitar Compared
Free Piano Lesson 1
Easy Piano
Now Playing "Five Finger
Piano And Keyboard
1. Playing Scales And Songs
2. Correct Right Hand Fingers
For The C Scale
For Some Folks Do IN C
For Skip To My Lou In C
Midi's for examples
Free Piano Lesson 2
Scales Steps And Melody
Now Playing "Careless Love"
Steps Make The Music
C and G Compared
1. Same fingers
2. C and G Scales
3. A Song In Two Keys
4. Music By The Numbers
Midi's in C and G, Scales,
Free Piano Lesson 3
Keys And Scales
Now Playing "Wildwood
Fingering & Picture keyboard
Key Of F
Key Of B Flat
Fingering For
Some Folks Do:
Key Of F
Key Of B Flat
Free Piano Lesson 4
Harmony And Chords
Now Playing "Michael Row
The Boat Ashore"
Harmony And Chords
Basic Major And Minor
Chord Spelling
Chord Patterns
Chords By The Numbers
Lead Sheets
Chords On The Key Board
Melody "Some Folks Do" midi
Melody And Chords midi
The Guitar
The Guitar
Now Playing "Some Folks Do"
Playing "Some Folks Do"
Guitar Playing Styles
The Classical Guitar
Amplifying Acoustic Guitars
Nylon String Acoustic Electric
Steel String Acoustic Electric
Hollow body Electric Guitars
Solid Body Electric Guitars
Free Guitar Lesson 1
Guitar basics
Now Playing "Natural Guitar"
Buying A Guitar
Keyboards VS guitar
Guitar And Chord Diagrams
Playing Guitar
Fingering Guitar Notes
Plucking The Strings
Using A Pick
Natural Guitar Notes
Tuning the Guitar
Relative Tuning
All The Guitar Notes
Playing Natural Guitar
"Natural guitar" an A minor
natural exercise in tab
"Natural Guitar" midi
"C to C" natural note key of
C exercise in tab
"C to C" midi
Free Guitar Lesson 2
Music For Guitar
Now Playing "Some Folks Do"
Equipping The rock Band
Music For the Guitar
Tablature For Guitar
Music Plus Tab
Fret Diagrams
Some Folks Do
Guitar Fingerpicking Study
With Midi, Music And Tab
Now Playing Careless Love,
The Three Chord Song
I, IV And V7 Chords IN All Keys
For Piano And Guitar
A Wide Range Song
The Eight Bar song
Careless Love Piano
Careless Love Lead Sheet
I, IV, V7 plus I7 piano chords
Careless Love Piano Music
Music For Piano Examples
Careless Love Guitar
Playing Guitar From Lead
Careless Love Guitar Music
Music For Guitar Examples
Now Playing "Touch Of Spain"
Scales And Modes
Minor Scales
"Touch Of Spain" For Guitar
"Saint James Infirmary"
Now Playing "Pentatonic
Rock And Blues
Rock Beats Vs Blues Shuffle
"Pentatonic rock" Midi
"simple Rock" Midi
"A Rock" Midi
"Shuffle Beat Blues" Midi
Piano Rock Chords
Playing Rhythm Piano
Picture Piano Chords
"Simple Rock" Lead Sheet
"Simple Rock" Midi
"Simple Rock" Lead  Midi
"Simple Rock" Lead Extended
For Practice Midi
"Simple Rock" Chord
progressions    and rhythm,
Text Form
"Simple Rock" Chord Midi's
1. With Quarter Notes
2. With Eight Notes
3. With Sixteenth Notes
Piano Rock Music
Sheet Music For All Exercises
In Piano Rock Chords
Now Playing "Saints Go
Marching In"
Playing Portable Keyboards
Auto Accompaniment
Portable Keyboard History
Saints Lead sheets
Three keys: C,G AND f
Free Folk Guitar Lesson 1
Playing Folk Guitar
Now Playing "Guitar Folk
Music Keys" A Song In C, D,
D And G
Lead sheets with midi for
piano, guitar with tab.
The Bass And Treble Clef.
Vocal range discussed and
shown on grand staff.
First Position Guitar Chords
in C with midi.
Bass Chord Style Guitar
accompaniment in C with
Folk Guitar keys.
Some Folks Do for Guitar In G
Some Folks Do for Guitar In D
Some Folks Do for Guitar In A
Free Folk Guitar Lesson 2
Finger Picking Folk Guitar
Now Playing "Some Folks Do"
Finger Picking Style
"Some Folks Do" Finger
picking style.
Guitars for finger picking.
Playing the melody with
music, tab and midi.
Simple finger picking adding
the bass with music, tab and
Alternate bass finger picking
with music, tab and midi.
Syncopated finger picking
with music, tab and midi.
Free Folk guitar Study 1
Finger Picking Guitar Study
Now Playing "Some Folks Do"
Finger Picking Style
Putting it together.
Making it your own.
Lead sheet and guitar chords.
Full study from melody, to
simple bass chord, to
alternating bass chord and
finishing with a syncopated
style. Has music and tab with
Classical Guitar Lesson 1
The Classical Guitar
Now Playing "Bach's Minuet
In G Major"
The classical guitar.
Classical guitar picture with
parts labeled.
Standard guitar tuning notes
shown on keyboard picture.
Guitar fingerboard picture
with all natural notes labeled.
Guitar natural notes.
Guitar sharps and flats.
All the notes. Guitar music.
Tuning the guitar with a midi
guitar tuner.
Relative guitar tuning.
Classical Guitar Lesson 2
Playing Classical Guitar
Now Playing "A Minor Natural
Right hand technique for
classical guitar.
Guitar music and tab.
Open string study with
music, tab and midi.
Left hand technique for
classical guitar.
A minor natural study with
music, tab and midi.
A minor natural discussed.
Classical Guitar Lesson 3
Classical Guitar Arpeggios
Now Playing "A Minor
Harmonic Etude"
Guitar chords for A minor.
Chords for the A minor
arpeggio etude.
Music for the A minor
arpeggio etude.
Classical Guitar Lesson 4
Classical Guitar Melody
Now Playing "A Minor Melody
The right hand.
Playing the A minor melody.
A minor melody music and
Playing Folk guitar finger
picking style.
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