Playing "Touch Of Spain"
I've given you the midi sample for "Touch Of Spain" above to listen to as you follow the music below. This is
a great teaching piece to learn to play the open position A minor melodic scale on guitar. It's all in the easy
first position with open strings and the easy first position chords. But the best thing is it sounds great. Your
friends will think you've been playing for years. Try to use your pinkie for the fourth fret notes. Lot's of rock
guitar players get in the habit of using only three fingers because it works out well with pentatonics. Learn to
use the pinkie and you'll be ahead of the game. In the one spot where you go up to the fifth fret note a on
and the pinkie on the a. Going back down with natural notes, it's pinkie on a, second finger on g and first
finger to f, which now puts you back in first position. Even though the V chord E is dominant and could be a
V7 chord, I've left off the 7th note of the chord to play just the three note E chord. We also have the Im and
IVm chords Am and Dm. I havn't given you chord diagrams because you can get the fingering from the
tablature. The chords are E, Dm, E before the repeats. We need a V or V7 at the repeat because that
always leads back to the I chord. The second ending has Am, Dm, E, Am. Im IVm, V or V7 to Im is a good
ending. You always have to end on the tonic or I chord in both major and the minor keys. you may have
noticed this in the songs we've already worked on.
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Touch Of Spain
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