What Tony Knows
I've always been a seeker after knowledge in many fields. I know a lot about some things and a
little about almost everything. I spent most of my life working in technical fields. I also was a music
teacher and performing musician both part time and for a few years full time until the technical field
 called me back. For a few years I was licensed and worked in the financial field.  I am addicted to
knowledge. I read extensively, exploring many fields of knowledge. As a teacher, it's always been
my goal to simplify, so anyone can understand. I'm going to start with three topics. Music because
it's the love of my life. Money because everyone needs to understand it. Building websites because
everyone should have one. I started some pages on playing guitar but am now revising the site on
a new plan. I have also added a book review section to get in to many other areas of knowledge.
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This website currently has only a small fraction of the information that you will eventually find here. I
work on pages offline and when I feel they are reasonably ready I upload them. There will be new
information here on at least a weekly basis. Sometimes I will see a need improve what I have
already published and will make revisions. I welcome comments from my visitors, telling me what
they like and what they think could be better.
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About This Site
Originally I was just going to do a website on music but then I thought I could share some
knowledge I have in other areas. You will find that  the music site currently has the most material
but I am adding new stuff to all the pages every day so come back often.
Music Is Easy
Karaoke is something most people can do. With practice some folks can perform as good as or
better than the original artist. When you do karaoke you are using complex musical skills. The
funny thing is that probably neither you or the successful original artist has had any formal musical
training. Yet people take years of music lessons and never achieve performance level skills. The
problem is in the way music is usually taught. Here you will discover a better way to learn.  It's not
going to be just about becoming a vocalist. My focus is on showing you how to be a singer who
can also play instruments, like guitar and keyboards, and write their own music.
Click on the link
Making Music here or in the navigation bar to get to the first of many free music lessons.
Financial Freedom

Banks , insurance companies and financial managers tell you that they will show you how to
achieve financial freedom.  They can be of some help but who's financial freedom do you think they
are most concerned about. You guessed it. Theirs. To achieve financial freedom you need to
understand how money works. One of the biggest factors in the financial success equation is time.
When I became licensed to sell insurance and mutual funds, I learned the rules of money. The
sad thing is through all my years of schooling, including my college engineering training, no one
ever thought me the rules of how money works.  All that precious time that I had lost that I could
have been used to build a better financial future. The rules of money are so simple and yet most
people don't know them. Why don't they teach us? What is it they don't want us to know. Find out
here.  Learn how money works! Since time is a major part of the financial success equation, don't
Click on Money here or in the navigation to learn in five free lessons "How Money Works".
Creating Websites

You surf the web. You seek out what it has to offer. You are a web consumer. Why not be a player?
You can have your own web site for free or for pennies a day. It can be an inexpensive way to have
your own business. This is an area where you don't need a lot of expertise to get started. The
experts have given you low cost or free software and templates to get you up and running quickly.
You will need some understanding of what makes a website work. You will need to know how to
add the few things the software doesn't handle for you. But for the most part the software will get
you up and running quickly.  To learn what more click on
Creating Websites here or in the
navigation bar.
Book Reviews

As a seeker after knowledge I do a lot of reading, all non-fiction. I am going to start sharing my
reading list with you by doing a review of the books that I am reading or have read.  Do you want to
know what Tony knows. Read the books that Tony reads.  You will find that my interest and thirst for
knowledge extend to many topics. The book review pages currently have two main sections
religion and science. On these pages i also try to show you that religion and science should not be
in conflict because they deal with and try to answer different questions. I also review books on
other topics on the main book review page. These topics as the number of books reviewed grows
will eventually have there own pages. Enter this gateway to knowledge by clicking on
Reviews here or in the navigation bar.
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Tony Knows
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